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Creator-centric #NFT marketplace. Create and sell digital collectibles secured with #blockchain —

At Rarible, one of our primary goals is to ensure the safest possible experience for our users. Operating an open marketplace, we take a lot of time and attention to make sure only authentic creators can make successful sales. Our verification process is one of the key things that make it possible.

This article addresses all the main questions you may have about getting verified on Rarible.

What is Verification?

Verification is essentially the process of getting the yellow checkmark next to your profile picture on Rarible. This checkmark means that your account has been manually reviewed by a staff member.

What does Verification give me?

Verification provides…

Rarible is an open marketplace. This is a path that we have consciously taken on the way to becoming fully decentralized and community-owned.

Being open also means being extra dilligent in ensuring the safest possible experience for the community. Rarible team been working hard to create a safe environment for buyers and to increase the level of trust to legitimate sellers.

This post is an overview of tools and practices we’ve been introducing to keep you protected — and that have already proven to be efficient.

Verified-only display

The NFT space has made unprecedented progress since we first launched Rarible in late 2019, as it hit several major milestones in the past few months alone. Specifically, users spent more than $2 billion on NFTs in Q1 2021, marking a 2,100% increase from Q4 2020 — and that’s just one of many figures showing the rapid pace at which the NFT industry has been growing lately.

However, as the space keeps expanding and people proceed to mint thousands of NFTs every day, an important question arises — how do we make sure that all that creative work remains accessible…

A couple of weeks ago, we had the pleasure to host a Clubhouse session featuring Lux Expression, an NFT artist whose Lux Cards collection has recently passed 310 ETH (over half a million US dollars at the time of publication) in market cap. The latest series of his glossy, mesmerising 3D cards that naturally had a chameleon sitting on top of each one — an homage to a popular cryptocurrency ranking website — sold out in about 30 seconds.

Lux Expression entered the NFT world in late 2020, settling in quickly. Combining his creative vision and marketing know-how (10 years…

Rarible sponsors the NFT Hack powered by ETH Global that will run March 19th-21st with $20k+ in total prizes. For the hackathon, the team will pre-release Rarible NFT protocol.

At Rarible, we are moving towards the vision of a fluid, interoperable, diverse NFT market. With DeFi applications, we have seen how interoperability is pushing the entire space forward. NFTs are taking the same path: projects like NFTX, Ether.Cards, Charged Particles show how financialization is contributing to the ecosystem’s growth.

So far, we have only dipped our toes into what’s possible, and the NFT applications go beyond the imaginable.

To facilitate the development of the space, we will be shortly launching open source Rarible protocol. The core parts of the protocol will be pre-released this week for the NFT Hack…

Ebb & Flow by guedda_hm

The NFT market is getting hotter by the minute, and we’re happy to be part of the action!

February turned out to be a very eventful month for Rarible. We kickstarted it by announcing the successful closure of our seed funding round backed by top crypto investors including 1kx, Coinbase Ventures, ParaFi Capital, CoinFund, and others.

Meanwhile, the influencers’ club on Rarible continued to onboard new members: this month, we were lucky enough to see the likes of Mark Cuban, Lindsay Lohan and Tyga debut their NFTs on the marketplace.

And to top it off, on Feb. 16 our governance…

Rarible’s journey started a year ago with the launch of a simple tool to democratize access to minting and buying NFTs. In 2021, it turned into a robust marketplace that hit 29 thousand unique buyers and sellers with over $29 million in trading volume. You can follow Rarible’s journey in the recently published 2020 Year in Review.

The openness and inclusivity of Rarible has really resonated with its community and has proven to be a powerful approach. Now, well-known influencers and aspiring creators alike are using Rarible to try NFT markets, including Mark Cuban, Sean Ono-Lennon, and others.

In the…

2020 has become a true breakthrough for Rarible. What an awesome year it has been!

We launched $RARI governance token, announced a shift towards becoming a DAO, made it to #1 ranked NFT marketplace worldwide, launched a bunch of features and upgrades, grew and learned together with our community.

We appreciate everyone who has been on this ride with us! In this blog post, we take a look back, summarizing and evaluating what has been done.

Starting from January 2021, we will be releasing monthly updates to keep you posted about what the team is working on.

This past couple of months, Rarible team has been working hard on improving the marketplace experience for both creators & collectors and implementing governance. The community has been super engaged and supportive over this time!

What has already been done:

Now, several major governance updates are on the way. This post is to help you keep up with those.

Community Grants pilot: $5000 allocation

With this voting launched on 09/30/2020, we are kicking off a huge governance experiment on Rarible: community grants! As we aim at becoming a…

Rarible, a digital art-focused NFT platform, has raised an undisclosed amount in a pre-seed round that was closed by leading New York-based blockchain investment firm CoinFund. The investment will help Rarible develop a community-governed, blockchain-based NFT marketplace that enables a direct relationship between digital content creators and buyers.

Launched earlier this year, Rarible marketplace offers users to trade liquid intellectual properties and any digital content with licensing via NFT tokens. Since the tokens are based on blockchain technology, all copyrights and ownership details get automatically recorded and securely maintained.

In the nascent NFT industry, whose market capitalization is expected to…


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