The first multi-chain messenger is here: DM any wallet on

2 min readDec 9, 2021


And it’s multichain

You can finally connect with collectors, artists and creators directly on Rarible! The messenger is now available to everyone on 🤩 It’s multichain and works both on Ethereum and Flow, Tezos to come.

We’ve slowly rolled out messenger access over the past few weeks. After a ton of excited DMs, mentions and emails, we couldn’t keep it from you any longer.

Finding buyers, sellers and creators on social media and jumping between platforms can be frustrating, and the Rarible messenger lets you chat, negotiate and connect without leaving the site. It allows you to DM anyone from their profile page.

With the messenger, you can DM your followers, send alpha to your collectors, reach out to your favorite artists about collabs, and much more!

By the way, Rarible messenger is also the most easy-to-use wallet-to-wallet messaging app to date, and we’re sure you’ll love it too!

How to use it

  • Log into your Rarible account
  • Click on the messenger icon at the top right
  • Sign the transaction confirming your sign in (don’t worry, it’s free!)
  • Voila — you can start messaging people depending on their privacy settings
  • Find the user you want to reach and say gm, wagmi, drop them an emoji — or whatever you feel like!

Safety and privacy first 👌

Don’t worry about your DMs getting flooded! You can adjust your privacy settings to protect yourself from unwanted messages.

  • By default, you will only receive DMs from people you follow on Rarible in your inbox. You’ll find other messages in your message requests — a separate tab you don’t get notifications from.
  • To check if someone you don’t follow wants to slide into your DMs, click on the drop down symbol at the left corner and select “Requests”.
  • You can also completely block DMs from people you don’t follow and not receive them at all.

What’s next

We have a lot of cool features in the pipeline, such as group chats.

While we’re rolling it out as a built-in marketplace messaging tool, our ultimate goal is to release it as a standalone app to solve the blockchain messaging issue at its core, providing a decentralized and user-friendly solution for everyone out there.

That’s it for now! Now go find your friends on and wish them GM ☀️




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