Verification on Rarible, Demystified

4 min readApr 11, 2021

At Rarible, one of our primary goals is to ensure the safest possible experience for our users. Operating an open marketplace, we take a lot of time and attention to make sure only authentic creators can make successful sales. Our verification process is one of the key things that make it possible.

This article addresses all the main questions you may have about getting verified on Rarible.

What is Verification?

Verification is essentially the process of getting the yellow checkmark next to your profile picture on Rarible. This checkmark means that your account has been manually reviewed by a staff member.

What does Verification give me?

Verification provides a lot of extra visibility on the marketplace, as currently, non-verified items do not appear in search results or the explore feed. Similarly, unverified collectors/creators do not appear in our leaderboards.

Why don’t non-verified users appear in the explore feed or search results?

At any large open marketplace like Rarible, there will always be concerns regarding item authenticity.

Before enabling the verified-only explore and search results, we used to allow unverified users to appear there as well. However, that caused an uptick in unauthentic items, which prompted us to stick with the current search design.

How do I get verified?


Collectors need to have their profile fully complete. Specifically, this means you need to have set up the following:

  • Cover image
  • Profile picture
  • Bio (not required but will increase your chances of getting verified)
  • Link to your Twitter Account (not required but will increase your chances of getting verified)
  • Additionally, you have to own several NFTs created by other users (both Verified and non-verified count, however, it should be noted that Verified creator items hold more weight)
A good example of a verified collector account

It’s also very important to note that if you apply as a Collector but have previously created items on Rarible, your application will be reviewed as that of a creator, not a collector.


Getting verified as a creator is a similar process, yet not an absolutely identical one. Thus, you need to make sure you profile has the following:

  • Cover Image
  • Profile picture
  • Bio (not required but will increase your chances of getting verified)
  • Link to your Twitter Account (not required but will increase your chances of getting verified)
  • Finally, you must have at least one item minted on Rarible
A good example of a Verified creator account

What is the review process?

Here’s what the review process looks like, step by step.

  1. Once your request is submitted, it gets added to the queue in chronological order (from oldest to newest to oldest).
  2. When a reviewer begins checking your profile, they run an automated script that sees whether you have your cover image and profile picture set up, and whether the wallet address you’ve provided is a valid Ethereum address. If any of that doesn’t add up, your request is automatically denied with the appropriate reason.
  3. If you meet the above mentioned requirements, our reviewers will proceed to check your social media accounts. Please note that we’re not looking at follower counts, as these don’t play any role in getting verified on Rarible. We’re checking your social media to see if you are actively promoting the work you intend to post on our marketplace.
  4. The reviewers will additionally check your work in progress (this is a great indicator on whether or not this is a legitimate request, as it helps us ensure you’re not using images downloaded from Google, etc.)
  5. Further, the reviewers will perform reverse image searches on the items you’ve already posted on the Rarible marketplace.
  6. If your application is genuine and has not raised any of the red flags, it gets approved!

Why does the review take SO long!?

Two main reasons. First, we receive over 1,000 requests for verification on a daily basis. The second reason being, every review that gets submitted is reviewed by a human. Please be patient.

So buying for/from verified artists is safe?

The short answer is this: you should always do your own research. There is nothing 100% safe when it comes to the cryptocurrency space.


We sincerely sympathize with everyone whose application is taking a long time to get verified. Please keep in mind that we physically cannot process thousands of requests a day, although we will do our best to review your application within 14 working days.

Also, we urge our users to report any Verified accounts that seem to be violating our Terms of Service. We want to keep Rarible as authentic, fun, and healthy as our beloved community — and we’d love everyone of you to join us on this mission.

It’s also extremely important to remember that getting the verification checkmark does not mean you will have instant success on the marketplace. It’s merely one part of a lengthy, difficult process of becoming the next big CryptoArtist (or collector).

Hopefully, this article clears up any confusion you may have regarding what being verified on Rarible really means and how this entire process works.

Stay cool, my friends ✌️

Ethan van Ballegooyen,
Community Manager at Rarible.




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