The first multi-chain messenger is here: DM any wallet on

How to use it

  • Log into your Rarible account
  • Click on the messenger icon at the top right
  • Sign the transaction confirming your sign in (don’t worry, it’s free!)
  • Voila — you can start messaging people depending on their privacy settings
  • Find the user you want to reach and say gm, wagmi, drop them an emoji — or whatever you feel like!

Safety and privacy first 👌

  • To check if someone you don’t follow wants to slide into your DMs, click on the drop down symbol at the left corner and select “Requests”.
  • You can also completely block DMs from people you don’t follow and not receive them at all.

What’s next

We have a lot of cool features in the pipeline, such as group chats.

That’s it for now! Now go find your friends on and wish them GM ☀️



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