The first multi-chain messenger is here: DM any wallet on

How to use it

  • Log into your Rarible account
  • Click on the messenger icon at the top right
  • Sign the transaction confirming your sign in (don’t worry, it’s free!)
  • Voila — you can start messaging people depending on their privacy settings
  • Find the user you want to reach and say gm, wagmi, drop them an emoji — or whatever you feel like!

Safety and privacy first 👌

  • By default, you will only receive DMs from people you follow on Rarible in your inbox. You’ll find other messages in your message requests — a separate tab you don’t get notifications from.
  • To check if someone you don’t follow wants to slide into your DMs, click on the drop down symbol at the left corner and select “Requests”.
  • You can also completely block DMs from people you don’t follow and not receive them at all.

What’s next

That’s it for now! Now go find your friends on and wish them GM ☀️



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