Tezos is live on Rarible.com! Check out Blazing Futures community drop, Ubisoft NFTs — and start minting

Discover the Blazing Futures drop by Tezos community

Trade Ubisoft Quartz NFTs

Prepare to explore the boundless world of Tezos

Mint your first Tezos NFT

  • Click “sign in” at the top right, and then select Beacon from the list of supported wallets (it’s displayed with a Tezos badge for visibility).
  • While you can choose from several different Tezos wallets, we recommend choosing Temple as it’s currently the most stable option. Once you’ve set up your wallet on Tezos, connect it with Rarible.com.
  • To mint a Tezos NFT, click ‘Create’ and select Tezos. Then simply follow the instructions. Currently, you can only mint NFTs as part of the Rarible Multiples collection — but we’ll soon start supporting custom contracts for separate collections.

Other awesome things you can do now that Tezos integration is live

Join #tezos channel on Rarible Discord to learn about new projects, updates and more!



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