Rethinking Rarible app: NFT portfolio tracker and display tool ✨

This totally new update is focused on a mobile-first experience to let you have your (awesome) NFT collection at your fingertips, looking good and ready to shine

2 min readMar 16, 2022

How many times a day do you check in on your NFTs? ;) We do quite a lot: we love looking at them, taking a peek at the floor prices occasionally, showing them off on a night out with friends. In other words, always having them at hand.

Rarible App 2.0 lets you do just that: access all your NFTs and their total value in a single click from your phone home screen.

When building the new version, we took a new approach to the NFT app as a standalone tool instead of replicating the marketplace experience.

We focused on:

  • NFT portfolio and its total value on one screen
  • Accurate pricing: choose items to include or exclude from the total value

Yes, we went the extra mile and added the feature to exclude or include any NFTs you own from the portfolio display to show only liquid collections and more accurate pricing. Or to not scare your date away by the number of NFTs you own… jk.

Let’s meta-play!

  • Download or update the app on iOS and Android
  • Set up your portfolio
  • Share a screenshot of your portfolio in the Twitter thread
  • Get a chance to win a MetaAngels NFT (floor price 0.22 ETH)

What other features you’d like to see in the app? Let us know! Cause we’re just getting started ;)

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