Rarible Partners With Adobe to Support Content Attribution for NFTs

2 min readOct 26, 2021

Two years ago, Adobe co-founded the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) to combat visual misinformation and protect creators through digital provenance.

Now, Adobe has released a public beta of Content Credentials, a new feature that makes it easier to protect and verify metadata for digital content created across key Adobe Creative Cloud solutions including Photoshop, Stock and Behance — and that includes NFTs specifically.

Importantly, users of the Photoshop desktop app can now link their social media profiles and crypto wallet addresses to their work. That way, they can further assure consumers that they are indeed the creator of their content.

To make sure that the new feature is widely available across the NFT space and collectors can see if the wallet used to create an asset was indeed the same one used to mint, Adobe partnered with Rarible, as well as other key NFT marketplaces, to display Content Credentials.

Adding a crypto address is therefore particularly useful if you wish to mint your work as an NFT, as this address will be featured in the publicly visible Content Credentials metadata when you list this NFT on Rarible, making the attribution easier.

As such, we’re thrilled to become one of the CAI’s 375+ members that includes major media and technology organizations like BBC, Getty Images, Microsoft, Nikon and many others!

We fully support Adobe’s mission to make the digital world a more open, safer place for creators and consumers alike, and are looking forward to working together as part of the CAI to fight misinformation with attribution and verifiable truth of content. For more information, read the CAI blog.




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