Rarible 2021: a Year in Review

January 🤝

We kicked off the year by enabling creators to verify their Twitter accounts on Rarible for easier search and identification.

February 🔥

In February, as NFTs started to take off (a Beeple piece sold for $6.6 million at the time — it was a much bigger deal back then!), we raised a seed funding round led by CoinFund to get ready for rocket ship growth that soon followed.

March 🦄

Moving towards the vision of a fluid, interoperable, diverse NFT market, we pre-released an early version of the Rarible Protocol for the NFT Hack hackathon.

April ⏰

Timed auctions came out, allowing users to set up minimum bid and currency

June 🚀

As one of the first major brands to enter the space, Twitter launched their “140 Collection” with Rarible.com as the marketplace of choice.

July 😌

In the wake of an influx of new users on our platform, we streamlined our support and verification processes to protect and support our creators and collectors on every step of the way.

August 🔨

September 😍

The NFT community loves collabs! That’s why we’ve implemented split royalties — creators who collaborate on a project can now divide secondary sale royalties.

October 🎏

Ethereum gas fees in 2021 are a whole different story. To give creators the opportunity to create NFTs without paying excessive amounts in gas fees and partly offload the network, we released lazy minting! The feature allows buyers to mint NFTs upon purchase, covering the fees.

November 🌱

December 💛

See you in 2022!

We’re looking forward to the next year together! Join the party, if you haven’t yet:



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