$RARI airdrop to NFT holders: everything you need to know

3 min readJul 24, 2020

To kick-start the launch of our native governance token $RARI, Rarible is conducting an airdrop to all NFT holders out there, starting from 20/07/2020. If you know someone who owns NFTs — share this blog post with them 😉

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide on the RARI aidrop, answering the most frequent questions. You can also check out our short RARI FAQ. Here we go:

What is $RARI and why we are airdropping it

RARI is the native governance token of the NFT marketplace Rarible, designed to reward active platform users with a voice on the platform’s future. As we are growing in numbers and expanding our presence on the market, we created $RARI to give Rarible community the power to influence decisions and incentivize active participation. The airdrop is aimed at raising awareness among all NFT owners, as we offer a better way to trade on the marketplace with a voice in governance.

Who is eligible to receive $RARI in the airdrop

In order to participate, you have to own NFTs with a price — meaning that you should have bought them on any platform that records data on-chain (on a marketplace, in a game pre-sale, etc).

How to claim your tokens

Visit https://app.rarible.com/rari and connect your wallet to check your eligibility and claim $RARI. If you haven’t found yourself on the list — don’t panic! Read below.

How many tokens are being airdropped, and when?

10% of the total RARI supply is reserved for the airdrop, which takes place in 3 stages.

  1. 15/07/2020 — existing Rarible users
    Active Rarible users received 2% of the total RARI supply according to the Liquidity Mining principle: based on the previous volume on Rarible marketplace.
  2. by Monday 20/07/2020 — documented NFT holders/buyers
    In this stage, 4% is distributed among Ethereum addresses of all NFTs with documented sales on Dune Analytics. The more NFTs you own — the more $RARI you will receive.
  3. To be announced — remaining NFT owners

The remaining 4% is reserved for corrections, as we believe that Dune Analytics might not hold all the data. If you’re not on the list, but you know you have significant NFT holdings — please reach out to us via the support form on https://app.rarible.com/rari ! The distribution dates will be announced later.

If you haven’t received the airdrop…

… but you know you have significant NFT holdings that you purchased on a platform that records data on-chain (check eligibility criteria above!), please fill out this form: http://rarible.typeform.com/to/QuS2XQ9x/.

If you comply with the requirements, you will receive $RARI in the third wave of the aidrop. The exact dates are to be announced later.

Spread the word

We want to make this airdrop as fair as it can be, and reach out to all NFT holders out there. If you know someone who owns NFTs — make sure to share this information with them! The more NFT holders join us, the better it gets 🙂

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