Playable Aavegotchi NFTs find their Ethereum home on with $RARI rewards program

Launching October 4th with 3x $RARI trading incentives

5 min readSep 29, 2021

Imagine a cute ghost-like digital creature that you can pet, play mini games with, dress up in themed wearables — that is also an NFT with built-in play-to-earn mechanics. Fallen in love yet?

We totally have, which is why is thrilled to become the first NFT marketplace to welcome Aavegotchi to Ethereum with a unique community incentives program starting on October 4th!

Each Aavegotchi is a DeFi-staked collectible NFT ghost, assigned with a randomized rarity score and traits. Gotchis can earn XP and swag up their look by equipping wearables and increasing the rarity to compete for player rewards in GHST tokens. The latest “rarity farming” event boasted over $1 million worth of rewards for the top 5000 Aavegotchis and Season 2 of rarity farming is just weeks away from starting 🔥

Aavegotchi is ready for Rarible thanks to the new bridge!

These provably rare and verifiably adorable creatures have only been available on Polygon network so far, where the game lives and breathes. Aavegotchi’s native in-game NFT marketplace called Gotchi Bazaar is the largest NFT marketplace on Polygon with more than $10.9 million in sales over the past month alone.

The wider community has been really waiting for Aavegotchi to arrive on Ethereum for a while now, and the wait is finally over! Next Monday, October 4th, Gotchis will start migrating to Ethereum in mass for the first time through Aavegotchi’s built-in Polygon-to-Ethereum NFT bridge. The launch also makes Aavegotchi one of the first NFT projects to originate on Polygon and bridge back to Ethereum.

So many firsts! Which makes Rarible even more excited to team up with Aavegotchi to become the new Ethereum home of choice for #gotchigang.

3x $RARI rewards for frens

We love the L2 action — and to celebrate that, we are launching a unique rewards program for the community. Starting on Monday, October 4, users buying and selling items from the Aavegotchi collection will be eligible for 3x $RARI rewards for two consecutive weeks. Boom!

The rewards are expected to increase trading activity across the marketplace, onboarding more users to explore the artistry of our fantastic creators. Exciting times!

Getting started with Aavegotchi

Aavegotchi are popular for a number of reasons. They are 100% on-chain playable NFTs. The legions of dedicated fans are enamored with the project’s open source nature, DeFi staking abilities and gamified traits. Choosing the right Aavegotchi for yourself requires learning a bit about these multidimensional ghosts!

1. Base Rarity Score (BRS)

Each Aavegotchi has four randomly generated personality traits and two visual traits related to their eyes. The culmination of these traits results in a final “Base Rarity Score.” Generally speaking, you want your gotchi to have as high of a BRS as possible. Anything above 500 is quite respectable but that’s not to say that gotchis under 500 can’t offer lots of value in their own ways!

2. Wearables

Some Aavegotchis are “nakey” without any wearables equipped. There’s nothing wrong with that but you want to take note if your Aavegotchi has wearables equipped. Each wearable is it’s own ERC1155 NFT that can be unequipped and traded independently if you ever so choose. Make sure to check to see the rarity of any wearables your favorite Aavegotchi has.

3. XP

Each Aavegotchi can earn Experience Points by simply having their owner vote in AavegotchiDAO or attend Aavegotchi Discord sanctioned “XP Events”. Aavegotchis level up as they earn XP. What’s really cool is that every three levels up means an Aavegotchi can “nudge” one of their personality traits in a rare direction, thus raising their BRS score. It is suspected that high level Aavegotchis may have other benefits when The Gotchiverse Realm launches later this year.

4. Kinship

Aavegotchi demand affection from their owners while they are on Polygon. Owners can “pet” their Aavegotchi once every twelve hours, thus increasing their Kinship Score. Luckily for us, Aavegotchis automatically increase Kinship while they are cozy on Rarible and Ethereum mainnet! Still, take note of their Kinship Score because you may want a happy Aavegotchi for gameplay purposes. Note that each Aavegotchi is born with a score of 50 so anything below that score is questionable (but easily fixed with love!).

5. Rarity Farming and so much more to do!

Once you have an Aavegotchi, there is so much you can do with it. Rarity Farming is a fancy way of saying your Aavegotchi will farm GHST tokens for you if you take good care of it. There are 3 main leaderboards (kinship, XP, and BRS) that release GHST to the top 5000 gotchis once every two weeks during Rarity Farming seasons. The second season of Rarity Farming starts in October and is paying out a total of 2 million GHST over the following 8 weeks. You’ll need an Aavegotchi for that!


The Aavegotchi metaverse is coming in December and it’s a DeFi RPG! If you have an Aavegotchi, you’ll be able to plug into the metaverse and farm your REALM parcels in real time. If you don’t have an Aavegotchi there will be other ways to join the virtual world, but it definitely won’t be as rewarding as playing as an Aavegotchi.

This is only a high-level introduction. You can also explore the Aavegotchi Wiki and join the very active community Discord and Telegram groups. There’s never been a better time to have an Aavegotchi!




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