Introducing $RARI — the first governance token in the NFT space

Collectibles, yield farming, liquidity mining — everything you love

How you can get RARI

I. Earn it by using Rarible marketplace

  • Marketplace liquidity mining starts on 07/15/2020 — today!
  • Every Sunday 75,000 tokens are distributed to counterparties who made a sale or a purchase on Rarible during the week
  • Issuance takes place every Sunday starting from 07/19/2020 for 200 weeks consequently
  • Both buyers and sellers equally receive 50% of the distributed amount.

II. Participate in the airdrop

  1. 15/07/2020 — existing Rarible users
    Active users will receive 2% of the total RARI supply according to the Liquidity Mining principle: based on the previous volume on Rarible marketplace. Both buyers and sellers will receive 50%.
  2. by Monday 20/07/2020 — documented NFT holders/buyers
    In this stage, 4% will be distributed amoung Ethereum addresses of all NFTs with documented sales on Dune Analytics.
  3. To be announced — remaining NFT owners
    As we believe that Dune Analytics might not hold all the data, we introduced the third stage for corrections. If you haven’t found yourself on the list, but you know you have significant NFT holdings — please reach out to us! The second airdrop wave will be announced later.

Rarible DAO

RARI token holder rights

I. Voting on system upgrades

  1. Holders of RARI can submit and vote on proposals about:
    • Rarible’s trading fees
    • new Rarible features to be developed or implemented by our team
    • the use of RARI to further decentralize the governance and development of Rarible
  2. In the initial exploratory period for RARI, most votes will initially be “advisory votes”. These are votes which will provide us signals of users’ desires for Rarible that, in most cases, we anticipate abiding by, but are technically non-binding. Such non-binding votes are a common tool in traditional corporate governance — for example, public companies may hold “say on pay” votes which gather community sentiment on executive officer salaries. However, over time we will work with the community of RARI holders to create a more formal governance structure where more votes can be binding and trustlessly implemented. RARI does not confer any legal rights to manage the Rarible business or to receive profits from Rarible — in its initial version, RARI confers the right of active customers of Rarible to participate in each advisory voting process announced on

II. Moderating creators on the platform

III. Curating featured artworks

Why now

  • NFT market index
  • Price Discovery Mechanism
  • Mobile App
  • Social Features
  • More Types of Content (AR+VR+Metaverse+3D)
  • DeFi NFTs
  • Fractional Ownership

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Creator-centric #NFT marketplace. Create, sell and collect digital collectibles secured with #blockchain —

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Creator-centric #NFT marketplace. Create, sell and collect digital collectibles secured with #blockchain —