Filters by traits, collection, price + My bids: update

You’ve been asking us a lot for these features. And here they are!

This week’s marketplace update brings multiple discovery enhancements, filtering by traits and price, my bids tab, and more.

Check it out on, and let us know what you think!

Filters and sorting (including traits!)

Struggling to locate all red Pudgy Penguins or BoredApes with brown fur on sale? We’ve got you covered.

Now you can filter NFTs by:

  • collection
  • sale type (fixed price, timed auction, open for offers)
  • price range
  • and TRAITS! 🔥

The filters are available on the homepage, collection page, “following” page and inside the “created” tab in the user profile.

My Bids tab

Lost track of all the bids you’ve been making? Say no more! Check out “My Bids’’ in the Activity tab. You can monitor the history of your bids from a single spot, and never miss out on one.

Top collections

Curious what’s trending on the entire NFT market? Explore all top performing NFT collections out there in the new “Top Collections” section.

Suggest & All search results improvements

Enhanced search engine: collections now come first in search results to help you navigate easier.

Counter in Notification center

New bids and sales? The number of unread messages is now visible to you at all times, so that you don’t miss out on any.

What features should come next? Let us know!




Creator-centric #NFT marketplace. Create, sell and collect digital collectibles secured with #blockchain —

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Creator-centric #NFT marketplace. Create, sell and collect digital collectibles secured with #blockchain —

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